Janice has read for people all over the world, often via telephone, from California to Maine, from Guam to Canada to the United Arab Emirates, from Georgia, Texas and Illinois, to New York City, Taos and Japan. Her clients come from all walks of life, different races and socioeconomic groups, with wide-ranging spiritual beliefs and religions (or none) and quite varied perspectives on the "afterlife" and the world of Spirit. What brings them to Janice is a desire for contact or guidance, and a belief that Janice, a gifted medium, can be a good intermediary, a clear bridge between our concrete, physical world and the other side.

Telephone Readings
Janice is available year-round for telephone readings. Janice knows telephone readings work just as effectively as in-person readings because she uses your voice vibration to connect with Spirit and loved ones. Everything she does in an in-person reading is exactly the same over the telephone - loved ones come in, spirit guides may give information, colors still come through. In Janice's own words, "the only thing that is different with a phone read is that you are not sitting in front of me, and I describe everything to you as if we are face-to-face."

Telephone readings must be scheduled with us in advance.
Click here to learn how to book a phone reading.

Telephone readings must be scheduled prior to making your donation. Please email, or call (716) 595-2467 to select a date and time. Janice's hours are quite flexible.

After you are scheduled with us, you can make your payment via PayPal. The donation for a 30 minute reading is $200.00. If you would like a full hour for your reading, please make 2 payments via PayPal.

In-Person Readings in Lily Dale, NY

Janice is available in Lily Dale during the summer camp season which runs from late June until Labor Day. After summer camp season, she is still available in Lily Dale for prescheduled appointments. Because Janice books up especially quickly for the summer camp season, you may want to schedule ahead of time.
Click here to learn how to schedule an in-person reading.

If Janice is open and you are in Lily Dale and would like a reading the same day, you can check the schedule outside 12 South St. for openings and sign up for the slot you would like. It is always best to either call or email ahead of time for appointments. We are not able to return calls for appointment requests made for the same day.

Janice also does in-person readings on specific days in the off-season. These are generally by appointment only (unless you luck out and happen to be there when she happens to have an opening!). Again, email or call us and we will let you know when Janice is available and will schedule a reading for you, if possible.

After summer camp season she is still available at Lily Dale for prescheduled appts.

A point of courtesy: Lily Dale is full of wonderful people and events in the summer; it is easy to get distracted or spontaneously change your plans. We ask that you only schedule an appointment if you are SURE you want to come for the reading with Janice, and that you call to cancel if you are unable to make the appointment. We want to make available as many appointments as possible to as many people as possible. Thank you for your consideration!

For more information about the camp season, go to Lily Dale Assembly's website. You will find a detailed schedule of summer events - it is definitely worth a visit to Lily Dale during the summer season to experience the healings, outdoor message services, free lectures, workshops, and more!

Please email us at or call 716-595-2467 to verify availability prior to donating.

"WOW!!! That is the first word that comes to mind when I describe the phone reading I had with Dr. Janice Dreshman. She was so amazing. The way my Dad came through left no doubt that she is for real. What really blew me away was a message for a friend of mine whose son was killed by an IED in Iraq. He came through with info for his mom. He said to tell her he sees the dog (a new dog my friend had gotten since her son had passed) and that he is with her in the house. He also made other references which my friend (his mother) later confirmed, proving to her that he really is okay now, happy and healthy. This was such a gift to her as a mom, who had been in agony not knowing how her son was doing on the other side, wondering if he was in pain from the trauma of his death. I will forever be grateful to Janice for giving me this message for my friend. I highly recommend Dr. Dreshman to anyone who truly desires contact with loved ones who have passed over. I have to say that using the phone was just as natural and easy as it would have been in person. Janice Dreshman is a truly gifted person and medium." -Deb Davis (Floral City, FL)

"Janice -- thank you!!! Your accuracy was 100%. Thank God for your talents and thank you for your service to others." -Linda R. (Georgia)

Equal Exchange
Although Janice's work as a medium and a minister stems from her desire to serve Spirit, she also requests donations for her work. This provides for an equal exchange and helps maintain balance in the world of energy. (A certain amount of her work is done on a volunteer basis in very specific situations of Janice's choice as well as in message services and circles at Lily Dale. The donation for a reading is $125.00 USD, whether in-person or on the phone. Each reading is approximately 30 minutes. Janice also offers one-hour readings based on availablity.

Gift Certificates are available! If you are interested in giving a read as a gift, please contact us!