Janice's path to mediumship has been rich and diverse. Although she experienced the capacity to see and hear spirits as a child, she did not specifically develop these skills until her mid-twenties. However, her lifelong involvement in the martial arts, adherence to both Celtic and Native American traditions, her deep connection to her family lineage dating to the 1100s, and her spiritual pilgrimages abroad to England, Scotland and Ireland all enhanced the spiritual grounding for her current work.

This deep commitment to spirituality led her to seek training in Lily Dale, NY in order to focus and deepen her ability to communicate with Spirit. (See Spiritualism for more about Lily Dale.) Janice completed more than two years of study with the School of Healing and Prophecy, run by one of Lily Dale's Spiritualist churches, Fellowships of the Spirit. She received her ordination for ministry from Fellowships as well as her certification as metaphysician. In 2006, she became a registered medium in Lily Dale. She is also a member of another church in Lily Dale, the Church of the Living Spirit and has attended many other workshops and teachings at Lily Dale and elsewhere.

In addition to her service as a professional medium and an ordained minister, Janice has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly for more than 25 years. Much of this work has focused on coping with trauma, crisis, grief, risk prevention and psycho-spiritual transformation. She is the co-author of Caring in Times of Crisis: A Crisis-Management and Postvention Manual for School Administrators, Student Assistance Teams and other School Personnel, and has published several related articles. Her most recent co-authored book is Can you ask my Dad what it's like in heaven?

Janice was one of four individuals in both the United States and Canada to receive the Crystal Award for her work with children, adolescents, families and communities. She holds a master's degree in social work and a doctorate in educational leadership; Janice has worked as both a licensed social worker and a certified therapy dog handler. Volunteering with her therapy dog has included visits to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and VA centers. Janice was honored with the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Award for her work with the military, schools and communities.

Originally from the Pittsburgh area, Janice resides in western New York with her two dogs. And, yes, since a number of you have asked, Janice was born a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, with a secret commitment to the Buffalo Bills. And, of course, GO PENS AND PIRATES! Through her active mediumship practice in Lily Dale, Janice offers both in-person and telephone readings, the latter being available throughout the year. Consistent with her long-standing interest in animals and her desire to be of service, Janice regularly provides distance healing to all animals undergoing surgery at a Pittsburgh-area veterinary hospital, and helps animals cross over when they pass. She also participates in prayer and distance healing work through several churches and for individuals, as well as their animals, as requested. During the summer season in Lily Dale, Janice volunteers at outdoor message services, Monday night circles, and community fundraisers.