A Dedication to Dr. Robin Elouise Connors

My Beloved Robin passed peacefully in my arms and was loved into spirit on Friday evening, January 20, 2012. Although I am deeply saddened and I will miss her terribly, I know that Robin is pain free, is giggling and is happy, joyous and free. She won and she is free.

Robin's love for Lily Dale is best reflected by the following words: Remember this is — and always will be a spiritualist camp. Hold fast to this truth and say to those who would have it something else — the world is wide — so go your way we would have no new Gods placed upon the alter. Spiritualism is enthroned in the camp and outside issues must be kept to their own realm — guests to be entertained but not allowed to monopolize or overthrow this camp.
- Marion Skidmore, 1894

Our Union at Mohonk, NY

Robin at our bench at "Inspiration Stump" - Lily Dale, NY

Robin, Smudge and Sparky

Robin believed that Dog saliva heals!... and, indeed, it does! She believed pets could help us heal in more ways than people or medicine could.

A Healer at The Healing Temple

Robin was a Healer and served at The Healing Temple in Lily Dale, NY. Robin believed in the power of healing. Our healing may not be physical but, rather, a spiritual one that we need more.

Robin and Nature

Robin loved being in nature whether it was being in the woods, sitting on a bench, taking in a sunrise, smelling a rose, walking the shore... it didn't matter. She believed that we should behave as if all life mattered no matter what it was.

June 2011 To the Mountain Top

A spur of the moment trip to a Beloved place. Robin could not walk well, but a friend at Mohonk, named Brian, made sure Robin would get to the mountain top one more time — it was Robin's last time. Baby, we made it! said Robin and I responded, Yes, we did. The odds were always against us. I was gifted with over fifteen years. In honor and celebration of Robin, you can donate to Breast Cancer Action to eradicate cancer, to the Humane Society or an animal rescue league, or to your local library or literacy program. Robin would say to have a good cup of coffee, enjoy a good read, think about what you have, and be kind to one another.