I feel it is important to let people know a few things about their loved ones (human and animal) in Spirit. First of all, I want people to know that our loved ones have the chance, when they cross over, to go back to their purest light. It would be like remembering them at their happiest and healthiest time in life. They do not need to take any illness or pain from the earth plane with them. This is true regardless of how a loved one passes, be it an illness such as cancer or Alzheimer's, a traumatic event causing death such as suicide, or car accident, or war casualty, or the euthanasia of a pet. When they pass into Spirit, they can choose to return to a time in this life when they were the happiest and healthiest, and that's how they transition into Spirit. Many loved ones who have passed feel strongly about letting people who are still on the earth plane know this, hoping that it offers some comfort and reassurance. Spirit wants them, and us, to be happy, joyous, and free. So people are truly well in Spirit unless they choose otherwise.

Conversely, we all have encountered mean-spirited or nasty people in our lives. We may even be (or have been) related to some people like this. These folks also have the opportunity to shift or change - to be happy, joyous, and free when they pass. Unfortunately, some want to remain the same in Spirit as they were on the earth plane. Perhaps it is because they are still working on certain soul issues.

The second thing I want to share with you is that people in Spirit are reaching out to us all the time. If we pay attention, we can discover that loved ones on the Spirit plane are constantly sending us messages. They are eager to communicate with us. This communication happens in a number of ways. We may simply sense their presence around us, or feel them sitting next to us, or perceive a slight breeze, almost like a tissue being lightly brushed against our arm. These are all manifestations of Spirit.

The same is true is with beloved pets who have passed on. We may think that we see Gypsy running across the room, leaping onto the sofa where she used to sit. Or feel Spatz rub up against our leg like he used to do. We may think that we see, feel, hear, touch, or smell someone or an animal we have loved. This is quite common with animals, because pets that have passed stay with us (whoever they perceive to have been the owner on this plane) for our lifetimes, and then greet us when we cross over. All of these situations are examples of us opening to and connecting with the world of Spirit.

I think of these communications as "energetic emails." Spirit beings (including loved ones who have passed, spirit guides, and angels) may send us all sorts of emails as they want to communicate with us. When we think of someone who has passed and send loving thoughts or prayers to him or her, we then become the senders of energetic emails. Please know that we can continue to have a relationship with those who have passed on, and it can grow, if we just pay attention and put effort into these connections. Often, our relationships with people who are in Spirit are even more loving and enriching than when they were here on the earth plane. The bottom line is that it is up to us if we want to continue the relationships we have with loved ones in Spirit.

By the way, these energetic emails also work with people who are alive. We think of someone and the phone rings, and there she is on the phone. We talk with a friend and say, "I was thinking so much about you last night," and he responds by exclaiming, "I was telling my mom about you just last night." These common, casual examples are just the tip of the iceberg. If we are more intentional about it, we can send loving energetic emails through time and space via the world of Spirit to anyone we wish at any time, on the earth plane or beyond. Spirit communication is always available to us.

On another level, we can also help our community and humanity at large. We can send healing and prayers to those who may need it most at any time, wherever they are. On a broader scale, we can send healing and prayers to towns, cities, communities, countries, and continents in need of healing, loving-kindness, and compassion. For example, on an even larger scale, we can always send healing to Mother Earth and Grandfather Sky; this benefits us all.